Digital Marketing Loyalty programs. How to get more value by creativity?

Loyalty Marketing programs should became more creative, the existing are loosing their effective value .

Just few words from an interview with the The Director of Loyalty Marketing at Leading Hotels of the World:

Leadings wanted to find unique ways to reward members of its Leaders Club….

I think it’s a good idea, hope they will find an effective and performed way to do this.

Here we are, monitoring every day the innovation on the market and the companies that are better doing this.

If we want to read more into the details……

By reading the interview it’s clear that  (and I had experience in that sense ) to  find others offers with value for our customers, not so expansive for our companies and -overall- with good performance in terms of Roi,  it’s a not easy things to do.

Well, thinking we have found a very creative way for our owns Loyalty marketing program, now:

how we can organize this, technically speaking ?

sometime the ideas are very good but often the problem is the way (step by step ) to have this as an actionable plan …… considered valid and without any kind of problems.

but often, in other cases  the problem is in to the “choice”

Thinking another time ( in the b side ) we want and we can have a fantastic idea for our Loyalty marketing program, doing this working hardly in that project, very often the following Hippo’s (Highly Paid Person’s Opinion) directives do not allow us to do nothing.

Hippo’s directive:

  • be sure to reach the 10% more than the past Loyalty program in the beginning weeks
  • we need to pay attention concerning our image and we cannot go so far from our old marcomm’s directive
  • yep you can be more creative …. but not so much creative …. (??!!)
  • Every action taken by Marketing loyalty program director and department should be put on the Hippo’s table for approval …….

But there is -and I hope this will be the way the Leadings Hotels of the World will find- the possibility to have a open mind hippo, a good team every day interested to know a little bit more  their customers, the level of their services .. them self and their work !…

Sure every one in the market place -especially in this not easy time- need a little bit of fortune to have the best loyalty marketing program where creativity, loyalty as well as  Roi, are in place at all.

This last sentence is what I hope for all the innovative ideas, but the post with this point of view is often what  really happen when the manager can not feel free to do all he think  is useful in term of work,  in complete absence of pressure in term of immediate results.

Maybe the innovative program will be better than the past but we cannot be sure about that, simply considering the Innovation in every companies cannot be historically mensurable …… and in many cases this is enough to stop the innovative program and  return to the known but wrong way

You can read the full interview on

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